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The ultimate acoustic drainage system

Leak-tight Specially designed bends with increased wall thickness reduce air-transmitted sound even further.

RAUPIANO PLUS’ acoustic performance has been extensively tested and deemed to be equivalent to acoustically lagged PVC when installed behind an equivalent ceiling system

High performance properties For broader application

Safe and Simple Installation With its outstanding system properties, RAUPIANO PLUS can be used in more challenging environments. It is resistant to various types of chemicals ranging from pH 2 to pH 12. RAUPIANO PLUS can also withstand extreme temperatures. It can handle hot water up to 90°C (or 95°C for short periods), making it an excellent system for greasy trade waste applications. It can also be installed under extremely cold conditions of -10°C.

Non-toxic, odourless Environmentally friendly

Easy Access RAUPIANO PLUS system leaves small carbon footprint as it takes less energy to fabricate from raw material to final product. RAUPIANO PLUS system contains no toxic materials, such as Halogens, and is 100% recyclable. For these reasons RAUPIANO PLUS can earn you valuable credits toward a building’s GREEN STAR RATING.