Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why do projects require the Hydraulics Services documented?Each project requires a degree of design work to be undertaken for Planning and Building Licence matters. The level of design and documentation is dependent of the type of project, the nature of the site and the complexity of the project. By designing and documentating the hydraulic services many issues are resolved prior to construction. Such issues are as follows:

  • The suitability of infrastructure (Authority supply services);
  • Co-ordination with other service disciplines (mechanical, electrical & structural);
  • Service requirements and future planning can be incorporated into staged developments (master planning);
  • Site conditions, minimization of environmental impact (stormwater & wastewater disposal).

2. Why should a member of the AHSCA be used for preparing Hydraulic Services Designs?All full members of the W.A. Chapter are experienced in the design of Hydraulic Services and can provide cost effective, environmentally friendly,engineered designs to fulfill the requirements of the end user. Energy and water efficiency are prime considerations for the majority of projects and AHSCA members can provide many options to meet design guidelines.

Members of the AHSCA are not contractors but designers of hydraulic service systems. The design solutions they are guided by the years of experience and knowledge gained all based upon an engineering skills. Members of the AHSCA are professionals who are bound by the Association's Code of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics. As with all design engineering fields, members must have the required Professional Indemnity coverage for the field of expertise. Members are subject to the Association's Continuing Professional Development Policy requiring members to participate with an ongoing development of skills.