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Allied Pumps

For over 25 years we here at Allied Pumps have been specialising in and innovating purpose-built and complete water package pumping and treatment solutions locally, nationally and internationally.

Whilst at a meeting with a client recently, there was a lot of intense discussion around CapEx (Capital Expenditure) and OpEx (Operational Expenditure), and it occurred to me that there was a lack of focus around the area I have coined InEx (Installation Expenditure).

InEx is essentially the cost of the installation, however when the process of installation including how it is packaged has been designed effectively and efficiently, as well as being communicated clearly, it can have a huge impact on Capital Expenditure decisions. Often installation costs can be overlooked or omitted during a capital procurement evaluation, which can lead to mounting costs during the process of installation and commissioning.

There are a number of opportunities for vendors, such as Allied Pumps, to facilitate and enable time and cost savings by ensuring our clients receive the benefits of a considered approach. Our true value proposition on 'InEx' lies in our 'whole of package' approach which focuses on offering clients’ solutions that provide improved betterment in both the CapEx and OpEx environments during the installation of our solution.

Allied Pumps has been ‘packaging’ systems for a very long time, however my epiphany at this meeting cemented why that makes such a difference to our clients and consultants. Given the vast areas in the state, the high cost of site labour and increasing complexity of system interface across multiple discipline, the advantage of a well-coordinated prefabricated package, fully commissioned and tested to the relevant Australian Standards, with site conditions and communication interface simulated, speaks for itself.

Saving you costs is our focus; whether they be time, man hours or dollars before the solution even becomes operational and avoid the risk of delay damages through potential mismatched communication discovery on site.

Our ability to provide solutions through packaged and modularised equipment optimises the construction and installation element of a project thereby reducing the amount of site man hours.

Utilising state of the art manufacturing facilities allows Allied Pumps to compliment fast tracked construction schedules. This is enabled by the work process Allied Pumps adopts in its combination of Factory Acceptance Testing and commissioning. We optimise as much commissioning offsite by maximizing the use of the in-house Testing facilities.

Combining excessive project commissioning schedules with Factory Acceptance Testing means that the Owner, Contractor, associated trades (e.g. FMS contractors) and Allied Pumps team can work together offsite ensuring everything is working as it should in the Dry and Wet site operations prior to transportation to site.

Once this test work has been signed off by all parties, the packaged solution is transferred to the appropriate site with only a minimum commissioning period required as all the detailed work has been completed. As a result, site man hours, safety, permitting and client supervision costs are reduced to a minimum.

By synchronising and coordinating these core elements into a seamless package, we achieve exceptional value for stakeholders and provide solutions to the critical challenges in the application of resources.

Get in touch with us, if you want to know more about how we are uniquely positioned to take on your next challenge.

About Allied Pumps

Head-quartered in Western Australia with offices across the country, our extensive local knowledge and experience along with our growing global footprint sets us apart.

Our flagship facilities has 13,456 m² of workshop, office, storage yard, a test rig and switchboard building. By stocking extensive quality product ranges and focussing on excellent service at our facilities, you can benefit from peace of mind knowing that we can deliver on time, every time. Our clients benefit knowing we manufacture to the highest standard of engineering and reliability in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

With a focus on sustainability and protection of the environment, we offer leading-edge solutions for water filtration, sewage treatment, stormwater& oily water processing and recycle/reuse systems.

Allied Pumps