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Enware, as the leading brand of Thermostatic Mixing Valves in Australia takes the responsibility very seriously for keeping users safe, the water supply healthy and for continuing to deliver enhanced performance.

Aquablend™ 1500 Thermostatic Mixing Valve Upgrade

Hot Water Flushing Capability To Minimise Bacteria Risk In Plumbing Systems


This year we have been working hard to further improve the features and performance of our strutted, NSW Health Approved TMV Aquablend™ 1500 which now incorporates a significant new feature - a thermal flush mechanism. A major step forward in legionella control, the thermal flush will allow the valve to pass hot water through the valve during critical decontamination / maintenance functions, without changing the temperature setting.

There is a slight difference in appearance on the new ATM700 with a red lock shield (cap) with “Thermal Flush” embossed on it.

The Aquablend™ 1500 valve will now be capable of being set at temperatures up to 50°C (previously 48°C) and will function as normal if the thermal flush is not used.

All approvals and compliance to standards are unchanged - the valve is Australian Made and compliant to AS4032.1 with full NSW Health approved and a 5 Year Warranty*

Previous models (Post 2008) of the Aquablend™ 1500, 1000 and 2000 can be upgraded with a comprehensive Upgrade Kit - ATMS242. All service kits for Aquablend™ TMV’s will be supplied with the Upgrade Kit and the lock shield will be marked “upgrade” so it is identifiable after it has been installed. The kit will include the lock shield, thermostat, top cap, mixing tube and o-ring.

For more information contact Enware on 1300 ENWARE or go to

*5 Years Conditional Warranty: 2 years parts and labour on the complete assembly; an additional 3 years, parts supply only, on the valve body excluding inlet fitting assemblies.


Are the service intervals the same with the new Aquablend™ 1500 and the superseded model?

Yes, The Aquablend™ 1500 keeps the current service requirements (see website for details on 12 monthly and 5 yearly servicing)

Do I have to perform the thermal flush when I commission the new valve?

No, the thermal flush is an added feature and is not a part of the standard commissioning and service procedure.

Can I purchase the old Aquablend™ 1500 element and piston?

No, the superseded element/piston assembly is no longer available. The new 5 year kit (ATM242) is the replacement component pack. This includes the new element/shuttle assembly, one body o ring, top cap with thermal flush, mixing tube and red “upgrade” lock shield.

How can I get the thermal flush procedure?

The thermal flush procedure is within the new Aquablend™ 1500 instruction manual – available on the Enware Website

Do I have to remove and service the thermal flush screw?

No, the thermal flush screw does not need to be removed. The 5 year kit includes a new top cap with new thermal flush screw and is replaced every 5 years.

How do I service the superseded Aquablend™ 1500?

The new Aquablend™ 5 year service kit with thermal flush (ATMS242) fits directly into the superseded Aquablend™ 1500.

Can I add the Thermal flush function to other Aquablend™ models?

Yes, The new Aquablend 5 year service kit with thermal flush is compatible with the Aquablend™ 1000,1500 and 2000 models.

Do I have to have the thermal flush feature on my Aquablend™ 1500?

Yes, the thermal flush feature is now a standard part of the Aquablend™ 1500 TMV. This feature does not affect the performance of the Aquablend™ 1500 TMV and is provided as an extra function that can be utilised if required. The thermal flush feature does not form a part of the mandatory servicing or commissioning of the Aquablend™ 1500 TMV.