AHSCA WA History


The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants of Australia was founded in NSW in 1974. In 1995, a meeting was held in Perth attended by many of the leading Hydraulic Services Consultants in WA It was agreed by all that a WA Chapter of the AHSCA would be developed. In 1996 The WA Chapter was formally incorporated with an official launch held at the WACA on the 14th March 1996.

The Chapter was launched by Mr. Robert Welch who was the Australian and NSW President of the AHSCA at that time Mr. Philip Wright was the inaugural WA Chapter President and a founding member of the chapter.

The development of the WA Chapter progressed over many years, culminating in the formation and registration of the National Association in 2002. The National Association has representation from NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

Since its inception, the WA Chapter has grown in recognition, resulting in acknowledgement of our members by Commonwealth, State and Local Government authorities and other Industry organisations.

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