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Water Corporation

Corporation Backflow Policy


Ongoing maintenance
Testable backflow prevention devices must be installed on high or medium risk properties.

These require testing at commissioning, after any maintenance or not exceeding at least every 12 months by a licensed plumbing contractor who is permitted to test these devices. As a service to the property owner we will send out an annual letter regarding devices located at the property boundary. Failure to maintain these backflow devices will result in the serving of a non-compliance notice to the property owner.

Back Flow LUC

Water Corporation LUC sheet.

Water Corporation Plumbing Handbook

Ongoing maintenance
A guide for working with the Water Corporation.

This handbook has been produced by the Water Corporation to assist plumbers and builders to work with the Corporation and our regulators to deliver the best possible outcomes for our customers, by protecting public health, as well as public and privately owned assets.

Headworkds Information

What is Headworks Contributions?
Who pays Headworks Contribuations?
How Headworks Contribuations are Calculated.