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Acu-Tech Piping Systems
Acu-Tech Piping Systems

WHO is Acu-Tech?
Acu-Tech Piping Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance, thermoplastic pipe systems and solutions for fluid and gas transfer. Our systems are utilised in a wide range of applications across the plumbing, mining, civil and mechanical services markets.

Manufactured primarily from Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP-R) thermoplastics, Acu-Tech pipe systems incorporate the most innovative and advanced pipe system technology available. Built on nearly 50 years of industry research and innovation, our systems have a track record of exceptional performance and durability in many demanding applications, providing engineers and contractors with high integrity and cost effective solutions.

Products for Building Services
Acu-Tech's HDPE pressure pipe systems are generally used for below-ground water supply applications for potable, non-potable and fire services, in addition to natural and LP gas services. Each system is colour coded for clear identification: Water - blue stripe for potable, red stripe for fire mains, lilac stripe for recycled, black for general purpose/ industrial.  Gas –full yellow coating.

Acu-Tech's Dynatherm PP-RCT Pipe System is the product of choice for above-ground hot and cold water systems.

The Acu-Drain HDPE pipe system by Acu-Tech is designed for Greasy, Trade and Laboratory Waste, Siphonic Stormwater and Sewer pipelines.

WHY do Hydraulic Consultants specify Acu-Tech Pipe Systems?
Hydraulic Consultants across Western Australia specify pipe systems manufactured by Acu-Tech because they recognize the many unique benefits, and because they know Acu-Tech pipe systems are always manufactured to the most exacting and consistent standards. They also have confidence that Acu-Tech will provide the technical support and training to contractors to ensure that every installation is successful.

Some of the key benefits of Acu-Tech pipe systems:

FusionWelded NoThrustBlocks CommonTrenching Non-corrosive
Fusion Welded
Joint Strength
No Thrust Blocks required Common Trenching
of main services
HighStrength ExtremelyDurable CostEffective Versatility
High Strength
and Flexibility
Extremely Durable Cost Effective Versatility

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